Behind-the-scenes story of scene12

The only video material in the world "JAPANATURE-one-" Scene 12 shooting behind story

[Location: Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture]

This time, I took a picture in a riverside park near the sea. It was rustic, vast, and personally an easy place to shoot.

Some people are walking and walking their dogs, so it's a peaceful place.

It made me want to sit in a daze while drinking coffee.

It was windy and cloudy that day, but I think I was able to take pictures with a calm atmosphere.

There are still many unexpectedly wonderful places in Kyushu.

I want to be more ambitious and take pictures of various places in a wide range.

The flow of water and the swaying of the female model's hair and skirt on a windy day are added to create a video material that leaves a somewhat ephemeral impression.

▼ Only one video material in the world "JAPANATURE-one-"

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